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Running Small Business in Crisis

Updated: May 8, 2020

At the end of February, I was excited as we had bagged our biggest order till date. We were supposed to provide eco-friendly décor service for a massive event on women’s day in Delhi NCR. It was equally challenging as we had to manage additional resources, procure a lot of material, and bring in creatives and experts together. But running a small business and working with unorganized sectors teaches you to be a go-getter. We were ready and raring to showcase our expertise, until the organizers decided to cancel the event just couple of days ago in the wake of Coronavirus scare. Few days passed and one more deal (this time an upcycling workshop) got cancelled.

It was heartbreaking as a small business which runs on bootstrapping, each order or deal matters a lot. And operating in an industry which is relatively unknown to people, any chance to showcase our brand at a wider lever brings future opportunities. Things had already been tough since last 1 month, as working with a section of society which had its set of fears in the wake of recent Delhi riots has been nothing short of a nightmare.

COVID-19 outbreak and its declaration as a pandemic has bring in more uncertainties. Things will take their sweet time to get better, and this will be the time where each organization will show its true character. In these testing times, companies no matter big or small must keep their people safe and motivated, and also manage to sail through in an anticipated economic slowdown. For small businesses specifically, it’s going to be a matter of survival. However, such times also brings out the best.

People first

The biggest lesson I have learned in my entrepreneurial journey so far is that in the end it’s the people, with and for whom you work matters. Do the first cost cutting on your own pocket but keep your people safe. Things will get back to normal, and that time we want everyone in their best of health and spirits to collectively come together to overcome losses. When our workshop got cancelled, we decided to return the advance payment. This is a tough time and we must stand together as a community and be kind to each other.

Ideas and developments

In my recent years of working on erratic demands and tight deadlines, I have realized tough times brings the best of ideas and workaround! Whether it was installation of a 40 ft upcycled Christmas tree or creating merchandize/décors in shortest possible time for events & exhibitions, it has brought out the best from me and my team. In this challenging time as well, we have already started to create some of our best designs and meanwhile finding newer ways to approach and sell to all people who believe in the ethos of sustainability.

For passion, For planet

When I started this venture, it was purely out of passion to convert waste to a better product. Then as the climate change started bringing problems for this planet, we realized how important it is to be sustainable. Hopefully, COVID-19 will subside in few months, but climate will keep bringing atrocities. We saw how in last one-year Amazon rainforest wildfire and bushfires in Australia shook everyone’s conscious. Sustainability is not an option anymore, and we need to provide eco-friendly alternatives and work together to help people reconsider their decisions. That’s why I believe if you are solving any problem which is going to help this planet in whatever capacity you can, please continue and don’t get bog down in crisis.

Be safe, keep your passion alive!

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