The Chalet is aiming to make an impact on individuals from all walks of life, to be aware of themselves, others, and the environment. Our core belief lies at, Community over Competition. 


-Tanya Rao


Warm, inclusive, and welcoming, The Chalet provides a collaborative space where you can expect to participate in events and workshops that involve everything from story-telling and art to yoga, sound therapy, pottery, and photography. 


Our passion for sustainable living runs deep, and reflects in everything we do. The food we serve is prepared in-house and is wholly organic. An eclectic mix of footwear, bath products, home furnishings, crockery, stationery, and handloom clothing - even the sustainable products occupying the shelves of our retail spaces are curated from brands that strongly resonate with our core values. 


Through all this, The Chalet aspires to engage with you and give you a platform to discover a self-aware way of life that revolves around empathy, rediscovery, and community.


If you have any queries regarding The Chalet, or you want to collaborate with us, please use the form below to get in touch with us.

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